Saturday, April 5, 2014

Enjoying Authors & Illustrators at NSTA

We are spending an hour this morning with Sarah Campbell, Melissa Stewart, and Shannen Bersani!

Sarah is the author of Wolfsnail and Growing Patterns, books we have shared on our blog before...but she also has a new book, Mysterious Patterns, about fractals! 
Melissa is the author of many books we have featured in the past, but this year she has two more books on the Outstanding Science Trade Book list: No Monkeys, No Chocolate and A Place for Turtles. 

Finally, the folks at Arbordale Publishing (formerly Sylvan Dell--check out some of our early posts) came to the session as well. Publisher Donna German (left) and illustrator Shannen (right) talked about the research that goes into creating pictures that support the text. (Shannen's research for visuals has even led to discovery of textual misinformation--what a great symbiotic relationship!)

It has been a fabulous morning indeed! 

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